{Gourmet Sunday}Luck O’ The Irish

Ah yes! The picturesque view of the lush greenscapes of Ireland. Gosh. Luck o’ the Irish!

As I write this post, the OST of The Lord of the Rings is playing in the background, surround sound. Who wouldn’t want to live in a land where the ground is covered with green, the air is fresh, and the sound of flowing water filling the surroundings? Hobbiton would be one of the places I’d like to go if such a place exist. And because it does not, I’ll create my own Shire.

IMG (1)

Like I normally do with the other countries we try for Gourmet Sunday, I do enough research to determine custom or authentic cuisine originating from that specific country. In my case, when you say Ireland or the Irish, aside from Leprechauns and pots of gold, Guinness or Bailey’s certainly come to mind first. I mean, honestly, it really does. Correct me if I’m wrong but the Irish love them pubs. So naturally, I’d go with that direction.


I made some homemade corned beef as the foundation for a Guinness Corned Beef recipe. To partner that, I found out that, like other European countries, cabbage is added to most, if not all side dishes. And to stick with my ode to authenticity, I went with colcannon, a traditional Irish dish. It is similar to mashed potatoes but pumped up with leeks, butter, milk and of course, cabbage. To complete the meal, I made some Irish soda bread which was for us, tasted like corn muffins, with no corn. My mom likes it very much.


I’m looking forward in trying other recipes from Ireland. And I’ll be devoting my time in looking for that pot of gold as well!


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