Menu: Tasting Vietnam




  1. I’d eat spring rolls until they came out of my ears, one of my favourite snacks. The grilled beef and noodles is great too :-)

    Not sure on the avocada milkshake though. I have not tried it but I’m not too keen on avocado unless it is accompanied by a nice pile of fresh crab meat ;-)

    1. Oh yeah!!! We loved the fresh spring rolls and the noodles with the beef! I made my own Dรด chua which is the pickled veggies on top of the noodles as well as the Nuoc Cham. It was amazing! We weren’t able to get a taste of the avocado shake since the fruits we bought did not ripen on time… Sigh


  2. Avocado milkshake?!?! ::swoon::

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