{Gourmet Sunday}Iran, After 2 Months of Waiting

We have been pushing this for so long that the intended November Gourmet Sunday had been held off due to unforeseen circumstances (eg. consecutive amazing parties or daily dine-outs). Now finally, I was able to prepare one of my most awaited country-themed Gourmet Sunday.

For the past three-plus years, we have been living behind a Persian 24-hour restaurant satisfying our late-night shawarma cravings, which, in my case, chielo kabobs with pita instead of rice and a side of yogurt shake to push it all down (not that it needed to be pushed down). I have always been fascinated with the entire dish comes together. It is such a perfect Persian experience! I feel so excited again just writing this post.

1510957_10151906389151325_1194541552_n After so much research as to the most authentic recipe for these dishes, I have finally decided to try my beloved Persian entree, if I can say so myself. The chielo kabob as I have known for a long time is an elongated mass of ground beef with a mix of spices then grilled to perfection. The folks in the Persian place we go to does a really good job. I didn’t. I gotta find a really good recipe. Placed a few levels above the kabob, hummus is probably my most favorite spread ever. I have made hummus before, probably like twice already. The first time I’ve heard of it is in Adam Sandler’s Don’t Mess with the Zohan. I am so glad I listen to the script, and not just laugh around. The lemon-garlic combination of this protein-rich spread just hits the spot. I can live on hummus for weeks! But not on this one. Palatable as it may be, I had better. It tasted different from the hummus I am used to. One thing I am happy about is that I was finally able to use the tahini I bought from Assad’s Mini Mart almost a year ago already (and it is still usable).

1505640_10151906388196325_780538451_n As far as this Gourmet Sunday is concerned, I need to try more recipes for a more satisfying experience. Or maybe, I should let the experts do the cooking and I, the eating. No recipes this time folks. I know. Better luck next country!

For the next Gourmet Sunday, check out the menu below:



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