Imbibed by the spirit of Chef Gusteau, I shall rename myself as Chef Gusto. Yes. Gusto.

Having been part of the blogosphere for quite some time now (9 months), and yes, I am still young compared to the other bloggers there, I can say that maintaining one is a pretty hard thing to do. The great thing about this though is the reason behind making your blog. I guess putting your passion into writing would take time to really be able to express oneself. The one thing I haven’t done with the other blogs I manage is that I have not put a face behind these words. But now, with a staying drive in mind, I guess it would not hurt to show people who is behind this blog and all other food blogs I have.

So, introducing the stomach behind Aspire Patissier, Manila Farm Boy and Chef Gusto, moi!


I live in Metro Manila in the Philippines. I am a 2011 University graduate holding a diploma way different from the culinary and pastry arts. I may be young (early twenties), and I may not have the diploma to prove that I am a professionally-trained chef but with what I always say, passion drives a person’s desire to excel in his or her chosen field.

So what drives me?

Food. Sugar. Books. Travel. Friends. Family. Experience. The Earth. Nature. Architecture. Agriculture. Life. Music. Cooking. Fire. Baking. Stories. People. Cuisine. Culture.

Hit me up at chefgusto@yahoo.com if you have things to share, be it stories of travels, or in life, recipes or pictures if you want. Who knows, we might be the best of friends!


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