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{Gourmet Sunday}Iran, After 2 Months of Waiting

We have been pushing this for so long that the intended November Gourmet Sunday had been held off due to unforeseen circumstances (eg. consecutive amazing parties or daily dine-outs). Now finally, I was able to prepare one of my most awaited country-themed Gourmet Sunday. For the past three-plus years, we have been living behind a […]

As Chinese as Sweet and Sour Pork Gets

{Gourmet Sunday}As Chinese as Sweet and Sour Pork Gets

Much has been said about the dispute between the Philippines and China. I have my opinions on that but I wouldn’t want to stain food with politics or territorial arguments. It’s not appetizing at all. Honestly, China has always been the Asian counterpart of the United States. It has been leading the Asian as well […]

{Gourmet Sunday}Tiramisu Torte and Compagnia

European cuisine is primarily led by French, Greek, Spanish and Italian cuisine when it comes to lay people.  I agree. Long before I became ‘culinarily’ open to different palates, these four mega cuisines dominated my knowledge of European cuisine and actually, culture as well. I’ve made food from the said cuisines and have had a […]

{Gourmet Sunday}Taste Buds in South Africa

This ‘trip’ to the continent of Africa did not involve any participation from the Big Five. (Quick fact: the Big Five consists of the Cape buffalo, rhinoceros, lion, leopard and the elephant which are what guides most want to spot in an African Safari.) What it did involve were our taste buds. Contrary to what […]

{Gourmet Sunday}Blogger’s Block in Massachusetts

We are now entering, sorry to say, blogger’s block. It has been a while since I have posted an entry and until now I had to force myself to push the power button of the computer. Fortunately enough, my culinary fire hasn’t died out yet and I am pretty sure it won’t. And before I […]

{Gourmet Sunday}From India with Love

Asian cuisine centers mostly on spices and herbs to make a dish more full-bodied and multi-dimensional. And in my opinion, that makes the region’s food distinct. There may be people who don’t like heavily-spiced food, but my palate welcomes it whole-heartedly (or shall I say, whole-tastebudly.) As the spices evolve from a means of commerce […]

Without cooking, No eating

A month and 3 days have passed since the last narrative. An incredibly long hiatus. And before I told myself to update this blog, I have been contemplating on changing the focus of this blog or even overhauling the entire thing. I was extremely busy the last month because of work and because of that, […]

{Gourmet Sunday}Luck O’ The Irish

Ah yes! The picturesque view of the lush greenscapes of Ireland. Gosh. Luck o’ the Irish! As I write this post, the OST of The Lord of the Rings is playing in the background, surround sound. Who wouldn’t want to live in a land where the ground is covered with green, the air is fresh, […]

[GS]More Than Sushi and Sashimi

To tell you the truth, East Asia is probably the last region I’d choose to travel to in the Asian continent. True, that whenever one speaks about Asia, more often than not, the oriental influence first comes in mind. However, there is more to Asia than the Orient. With that introduction, I just contradicted my […]