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The Lemon Cake that Slaps Back

Anyone who dislikes lemon should be persecuted. Nah, it’s their loss not being able to appreciate the tartness of a lemon. Obviously, I am a lemon lover. I admit that I tend to over-lemon dishes that would require just a tablespoon of lemon juice or maybe zest of half a lemon, but the freshness it […]

This Angel hair with Zucchini Dish

I’ve had my fair share of pasta dishes in my life and I can firmly say that I would choose tomato-based pasta than a cream-based one, but if served with oil-based pasta, well, it’s going to be a tossup between the red and the shiny. The internet is chock full of different recipes for pasta […]

Chicken Paella for the Everyday Cook

The first person that comes to my mind when the word ‘paella’ pops up is my mom. She loves paella so much that whenever we go to Centris Sunday Market, it is the paella man that she naturally gravitates toward to. We even ordered paella from Louie Heredia, a once-famous celebrity who now is famous […]

As Chinese as Sweet and Sour Pork Gets

{Gourmet Sunday}As Chinese as Sweet and Sour Pork Gets

Much has been said about the dispute between the Philippines and China. I have my opinions on that but I wouldn’t want to stain food with politics or territorial arguments. It’s not appetizing at all. Honestly, China has always been the Asian counterpart of the United States. It has been leading the Asian as well […]

Ina Garten’s Baked Shrimp Scampi

My mom went on a tour of North Luzon on official business and the province of Pangasinan was part of the trip. It is a coastal province where fishing is the primary form of livelihood. Dagupan City, being its capital prides itself with their famous Dagupan bangus or milkfish. I don’t contest that. The taste […]

Chocolate Pancakes and Foodista for Breakfast

I was still up at 1 in the morning trying to sleep when I decided to check my email through my phone for the last time just in case there was an urgent or important email that needs to be answered. The account for the blog showed one unread message. It was unusual for me […]

{Gourmet Sunday}Tiramisu Torte and Compagnia

European cuisine is primarily led by French, Greek, Spanish and Italian cuisine when it comes to lay people.  I agree. Long before I became ‘culinarily’ open to different palates, these four mega cuisines dominated my knowledge of European cuisine and actually, culture as well. I’ve made food from the said cuisines and have had a […]

{Gourmet Sunday}Taste Buds in South Africa

This ‘trip’ to the continent of Africa did not involve any participation from the Big Five. (Quick fact: the Big Five consists of the Cape buffalo, rhinoceros, lion, leopard and the elephant which are what guides most want to spot in an African Safari.) What it did involve were our taste buds. Contrary to what […]

Kurmah, Spice and Everything Nice

These are the ingredients to make a wonderful dinner. Indeed, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have fallen in love with the use of spices and how it changes the entire dimension of food 360 degrees. The spice trade made it all happen. I am really pleased that although good research is needed […]