Gourmet Sunday.

The whole point behind this blog is to share to people the things us home-cooks can make without the comforts of having a Culinary Arts diploma. Yes we can make hollandaise. Yes we can make chantilly cream. These are just words to make something delicious more hard to grasp.

I will be devoting Sunday as the day where I will be making gourmet food for my family. For some reason, it has been tradition of almost everybody to sit together during dinner, especially on Sundays. So, because everyone eats dinner, I won’t have any reason at all not to share with you what we had for our Gourmet Sunday. Hopefully, as I share the recipes I make, you can have your own Gourmet Sundays with your family.

It will be presented through a menu which will be posted a few days before Sunday. After that, another post will be added to show you how I plated or presented the dinner as well as some of the recipes that I used. If you want a recipe which I did not include but made, please feel free to contact me. I will gladly send it to you.


Chef Gusto


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